Thursday, February 28, 2013

FRANOVIK GIVES BACK to local South Florida charity

Just a brief note on the event of 2013.

Viktor Franovik and Francisco Perez, Owners and Fashions Designers of Franovik Designs are gearing up for the event of 2013. Franovik as part of giving back to the environment and community is coordinating their 5th year anniversary bash and tieing it to a local South Florida Charity, most likely a children's foundation.

The event will celebrate 5 years of hard work, and triumphs and will showcase pieces of their past collections featuring the model and the photographer which made the piece come alive. 

Viktor Franovik, the companies CEO will invite everyone which were involved with Franovik from the moment of its inception. Look for models, beauty queens, celebrities, make up artists, hair designers, photographers, videographers, and more. 

You will also see charities that they have fundraised for like Angel's Pediatric Heart House, Prestige Club, American Heart Association, among others.

Viktor Franovik is looking for the right location, it will somewhere close to the hot spots, and will have ample parking. Franovik will be reaching out soon to sponsors for this event

Save the Date, September 28, 2013.....forthose interested, please email,, for updates. Look for the website very soon!!!

Thank you to FACE FUTURE, FASHOMODA and the media sponsors who have already committed to this event.

Wait for my email or phone call.....


Saturday, February 9, 2013


After a long last quarter in 2012, where we were involved in two fashion shows back to back with LS1426 and Elements of Green Miami Splash and the very upsetting flop in New York City in early 2013 (that's another story); we decided to let go of the shows for now and concentrate on a celebration.

Save the date on your calendar: September 28, 2013, Franovik gives back to a local South Florida charity on our 5th year anniversary.

This event promises to be the event of all events in 2013. I have 6 months to prepare. I have the concept and writing up all the proposals, letters, flyers and drafts to present to sponsors and local venues.

Everyone will start seeing information on this event very soon. Follow us on all the social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, MiamiUrbanLife, Blogger, our websites and magzines like Elegant Dreams, Latin Connection, among others.

For anyone interested, please email me at: or And always remember too Always Give Back.

Viktor Franovik